Cheers! Tax On Social Media In Uganda Is In Effect Now!

Social Media Taxed In Uganda - WinfiY crunch
Social Media Taxed In Uganda - WinfiY crunch

Yes, Social Media is no longer tax free service in Uganda. With effect from 1st July 2018, Uganda Citizens (“Ugandans”) have to pay tax for using social media services like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Skype et cetera. This tax was imposed to regulate the social media use of Ugandans as excessive social media use was costing time & money to the country (& we believe is the problem of many countries now). Such tax seek to curb online gossip & raise government revenue at the same time & can be paid directly through mobile money. It will also entice Ugandans to cut their time on social media, save time & invest such time in some meaningful activities which will also help in nation growth & development. Well done Uganda! We wish to see similar initiatives in other countries as well! Let’s spread this good news with #CalmSocialMedia #SocialMediaTax

Reference: Quartz.

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