Fruits, Fruit Juice & Your Health!

Fruits, Fruit Juice & Your Health - WinfiY crunch
Fruits, Fruit Juice & Your Health - WinfiY crunch

Fruits are the essential ingredients of a healthy diet – that’s indisputable! Fruits are rich source of water, vitamins & minerals & fiber which have many health benefits. Further, fruits are low in calories which contribute to weight loss. It helps in lowering cholesterol, slow aging & reduced risk of severe diseases like cancer, kidney & heart diseases. What about fruit juice? How does it impact your health? Well, fruit juice is linked with increased calories which can cause overweight & other related diseases. Further, fruit juice is less fulfilling when compared to the fruit & can increase sugar levels quickly due to absence of fiber in juice! Eat orange at one time & drink orange juice at other time & feel the difference. Got it? So, compared to juice, fruits are much healthier & can be consumed with no health risk. Best option is to eat fruits & avoid fruit juice!

Source: healthline, NDTV Food, Photo Thanks: Pixabay.

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