Why Boredom Is Necessary (Especially For Youngsters)?

Why Boredom Is Necessary (Especially For Youngsters) - WinfiY crunch
Why Boredom Is Necessary (Especially For Youngsters) - WinfiY crunch

When our mind is free, we feel boredom. But in the world of technology, is there any time left when our mind is free & we feel boredom? We guess no! As soon as we’re free from work, we turn to our gadgets to play a game, scroll through our social media wall or just mindlessly surf the web! No free time, no boredom, just work & fun! This is the case especially of the young population who have not faced the pre-screen era & spent more than 2 hours a day on social media taking the facilities available today for granted. Well, boredom is not bad. It gives us time to have a look on the real world around us, have some meaningful thinking & have some peace for our mind. Being busy 24/7 is not healthy for our mind as well. Boredom is key to a creative mind. After all, our mind is most creative when we ‘Just Relax’, ‘Sit idle’ and ‘Do Nothing for a while’. So, if you want to maximize your creativity, learn to be bored! Boredom is one of the most important ingredient of being creative.

Source: The Guardian, WinfiY crunch, Photo Thanks: PxHere.

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